Welcome to Mad Genius Creates.  Mad Genius started to form way back in 2014 when I was first introduced to 3D Printing. At the time it was amazing to me that there was technology such as this for the consumer and affordable level and I knew it will be big. Fast forward to 2020 where I watched the industry of 3D Printing unfolded to the point where it will be the future of manufacturing. You here stories about dogs get limbs, scientist creating new innovative ways to use 3D Printing, 3D Printed food, skin, and so much more. Now even 3D Printed homes are possible. Here at Mad Genius creates we focus creating high quality 3D Models and designs that everyone can enjoy and use. We work with you to expand your ideas and bring them to life in a 3D model. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to show the world the power of 3D Printing and what 3D Printing an offer the world. We believe that 3D Printing is still in its early stages of development and that soon 3D Printing will be the new normal way to manufacturing many things in our lives. From toys and games, to puzzles and educational tools, to construction designs and food; 3D Printing will be the future of manufacturing. Be Mad, Be a Genius, Be Creative.

Mad Genius Creates!!